1k A Day Fast Track Review

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“The Money Is In The List” 

You’ve probably heard this statement countless times, or not. That doesn’t really matter. What it means is that as an affiliate marketer, you stand a better chance of making money when you have a list of email subscribers that you can communicate directly to. 

If there is an affiliate product that you believe your subscribers will love, you simply send them an email sequence to introduce them to the product and tell them how it will make their lives better, while saving them tonnes of money.

Surely if you emailed 300 people and 250 of those opened and interacted with your email content, you can expect some of these guys to actually want what you are promoting and then make a buy.

Say a 30% conversion rate on a $200 that pays you 50% commission


0.3 X 250 = 75 people

You will have made 75 sales of $200 = $15,000 

Your Commission = $7500

Thats a pretty good income for sending a few emails. 

Sound good?

I bet it does, 

If you have no idea how to do email marketing, you are in luck because an industry expert, Merlin Holmes, wants you to pay him to teach you how to earn income through email marketing?

He makes quite a bold claim that he can teach you how to make $1000+ every single day! 

His training program is called 1K A Day Fastrack

Is he real or just one of those hype peddling vendors? 

But first, he wants you to give you free information on how this is going to work. I highly recommend that you learn more by

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1K A Day Fastrack – Quick Overview

Product Name: 1K A Day Fastrack

Owner: Merlin Holmes

Category: Email Marketing Training Program ( Fastrack)

Price: $997 

MoneyBack Guarantee? YES

Recommended? YES

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What Is 1K A Day Fastrack?

A 6-week training program that promises to teach anyone how to build a massive email list within a  short period of time and leverage that list to make up to $1000 a day. 

The owner of this training, Merlin Holmes says he will show you how to build a list from just a 2-page website. You won’t need any of the following:

  • Product
  • High technical skills
  • No complicated marketing systems
  • No need for a huge advertising budget
  • No need for prior experience

What Can You Expect From This Course?

You will learn all the basics of affiliate marketing using email marketing methods.

  • ClickBank affiliate marketing – opening your ClickBank account, how to generate hop links.
  • How to write an email sequence
  • How to get good images to use in your emails
  • Setting up an autoresponder
  • etc.

Who Is Merlin Holmes Anyway?

Merlin Homes 1K A Day Fast Track
Merlin Holmes – Owner Of 1K A Day Fast Track Course

He is a seasoned internet marketer and course developer who has made millions of dollars online.

Merlin has been in this business for over 15 years now and he has helped thousands of people earn income online. 

How Does 1K A Day Fast Track Work?

Once you decide to buy into this program, you will be taught how to create simple poll pages and use those to build a big email list. 

Merlin takes you step by step through the process of creating your own poll pages using his existing templates. The process is meant to make things easy for you even if you are a beginner. 

Who Is 1K A Day Fast Track For? 

This is for anyone who wants to make money promoting other people’s products (affiliate marketing) using email marketing as a means to reach potential buyers. 

So Do I Need To Have A Huge Email List To Get Started?


Merlin says you don’t need to start with an established email subscriber list because he will teach you how to build your list using his proven methods. 

1K A Day Fast Track – Does it Work?


Any system works if you work it. if you commit and follow the training to the letter then it will work for you. Just for a bit of demonstration, here is what one of Merlin’s students, Steve has to say about this training program;

1K A Day Fast Track Testimonial

Picture: 1K A Day Fast Track Testimonial – Courtesy Of Merlin Holmes

1K A Day Fast Track Pros And Cons

What I like About This Product – Pros

  • Merlin Holmes has been in the internet marketing business for a very long time, meaning that he is experienced and knows what he is doing.
  • Merlin himself has made lots of money using email marketing
  • Money-back guarantee
  • This program teaches you how to master email marketing. It is a well-known fact that once you are good with email marketing, you can easily target the “warm” audience and make lots of money. 

What I Don’t Like About 1K A Day Fast track – Cons

  • This program may come as a bit pricey which is a likely deterrence for someone with limited resources. However, at least it is a one-time payment that you can save up for.

1K A Day Fast Track – Final Thoughts Is It Legit, Or A Scam?

I have a strong faith in a training program like this one which teaches you how to make money with established methods. There is no doubt that affiliates who use email marketing stand a better chance of making money than those who don’t.

Note that, I don’t mean that affiliate marketing without email doesn’t work. Only that when you use email marketing, you are targeting a better audience and therefore have higher chances of making money quicker than someone who relies on search engine optimization (SEO), for example.

For most people who are just getting started with internet marketing, the biggest challenge is always building an email list and actually mastering email marketing skills. 

Once you get a good grip on email marketing you can make thousands of dollars by just sending one email, especially if you have a huge list. 

Yes, it may be a challenge but it is totally possible. So, with this course, Merlin is trying to cut your learning curve, by fast-tracking your process. 

This is a  legit program and not a scam.  

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a better idea of what 1K A Day Fast Track is all about.

All the best in your quest to make money online.

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